We live in a society that thrives on dichotomies and illusions.

Good or Bad. Happy or Sad. Love or Hate. Best or Worst. Successful or Failed. Rich or poor. True or False?

We present ourselves to that divided world as the preferable of the two. Our Facebook pages celebrate our Good times and Happy times. Our times of Love, of Success, and our times of Riches. But this, of course, presents an illusion far from the truth. We like to pretend that on those same captured days, the Bad times didn’t happen. As if in between the shining, impressive moments, there were no Sad times, no times of Hate, no Worst times, no Failed times, no times we were Poor.

Some blogs discuss the grey and present both sides of life, weaving through it all as a linear thread. This blog is different. I will discuss my Good times and Bad, but they will be separate.

Sunshine will share my highlights. My life as if it were perfect.

Stinkbombs will share my worst moments in the spirit of honesty and relating. My life as if it sucked.

Of course, both will be illusions, one as ridiculous as the other. The truth lies somewhere between the blogs, amidst the part of life outside of the dichotomy.

Please click on the links “Sunshine” and “Stinkbombs” above to read the blogs!


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  1. erince says:

    You rock my world!

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